Buying a LED display is an option that you might consider to show your messages to target audiences and/or potential customers in a dynamic way. Would your organization like to get more out of your (marketing) activities, generate greater awareness and visibility of your services or products? Buying a LED display is a good investment to achieve your goals.

Sale tip!

Let yourself be advised properly and do not accept a seemingly nice offer! A good LED display with a long durability and optimal functionality will bring you more than a LED display with limited options that ultimately misses its purpose. Sometimes cheap can be more expensive in the long run. As a sparring partner and specialist in LED displays, we can tell you all the in’s and out’s about the applications, usage and prices. This way you buy what you need.

Which LED display fits your objectives?

Depending on you objective, location, budget and means of communication, we will look together which quality your LED display must have to bring across your message as clear and bright as possible. Little LED advises you from the beginning, because buying a LED display is not something you do every day. That is why we think along with you, so we can offer you the best solution for your communications.

Whether it is a billboard, a large video wall for advertising and marketing, or an indoor LED display for sharing information in a hall or waiting room…for each request we have the best LED display.

What are the different types of LED displays?

LED displays come in all shapes and sizes. A LED display will be delivered modular, depending on your requirement and location where the display is placed. Each display is made up of individual LED lamps that emit light. This form of LED lighting is ideal for eye-catching billboards that need to draw attention. You can receive them in square, rectangular, round or curved shapes. The quality, durability and size can vary. That is why it is also important to seek good advice before you buy a LED display.

The advantages of buying a LED display:

A modern look of your company towards your target audience
Make your business visible to a large audience
A one-time investment with lasting results
No red tape in your records and contracts
Clear insight into the costs for your marketing budget
An appropriate display for the right price

As a LED display specialist, Little LED is progressive and keeps in check all developments in the field of LED applications and translates this as options towards customers. We therefore like to explain how to get the most out of the supplied software, thus allowing you to reach your target audience in a very striking and attractive way.

What does it cost to buy a LED display?

Due to the wide variety in demand and prices, each project requires customization. The prices of LED displays do vary, but at least at Little LED you can be sure in that any case you get the best deal with the greatest service and aftercare.

Buying a LED display is customization. The final costs are also determined by the size for the display, the peripherals, installation costs and supplied software. Taking into account your wishes, possibilities and goals we will always provide a competitive offer.

Receive free advice?

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive free advice on your possible purchase? Within one minute you can submit a request and we will contact you within 24 hours.