Leasing a LED display can be a good solution in order to make use of modern means of communication that you would like to use, without you suddenly having to make a large investment. Little LED can provide various LED displays as an LED specialist. Together we will take a look at how to achieve your goal as best as possible.

Our advice!

Not just lease a LED display! We like to distinguish ourselves by working together to see how your messages will have the greatest reach. Then you are sure you are dealing with a professional who thinks with you regarding your marketing activities in order to form good proposals. That is the speciality of Little Led.

Indoor LED display for information, education and video films.

Would you like your messages to be widely broadcasted in a clear and dynamic way to the wandering, waiting and interested public? An indoor LED display is a perfect medium to share information in a bright and clear way. There are different types of LED displays in all shapes and sizes for indoor use. From small to large to mega-sized. To make it easier for you, Little LED offers you the option to lease.

Outdoor LED displays for advertising, promotional videos, and animation.

An outdoor LED displays has various applications for visitors and passers-by to bring attention to your company, commercials, promotional videos and textual messages. This can be a relatively small display, but also a mega-sized video wall. All displays can be supplied as a complete unit for permanent installation or can be modular. Because this can be quite the financial investment, Little LED offers you the possibility to lease a LED display.

The benefits of leasing a LED display:

An attractive alternative for buying a LED display
You do not need to make an large investment in one go
Costs can be spread
A lease formula with a pre-agreed period
A purchase option after the last lease term
Taking advantages of modern means of communication

What does it cost to lease a LED display?

You can come to us for leasing a LED display from 250 euros excluding VAT per month. This is also dependent on the number of terms, for example 12 or 60 months. The final costs are also determined by the size of the display, the peripherals, installation costs and supplied software. Taking into account your wishes, possibilities and goals we will always provide a competitive offer.

Receive free advice?

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive free advice on your possible purchase? Within one minute you can submit a request and we will contact you within 24 hours.